Welcome To The Comforting Chair

Where Verse and Prose Connect

Welcome to my web page, and as I've said many times in the past: the intention of this web page is for it to be a simple venue or forum to display my creative writing endeavours.

It's been nearly eight years since 'The Comforting Chair' website first came online. The site itself hasn't changed too much in that time but there have been four e novels published here and I'm pleased to inform all those who may be interested that there is yet another e novel in the works. Further, it's science fiction and once again; same time period as the past two but with a significant twist: a new hero.

It's not that I hate Mark and Tia but to do them justice I needed to change it up a bit. So the new hero: 'Curran' will be the narrator in the new coming novel that is set in the same time period but on a more familiar planet: Earth. Being contemporaries, the two will share some of the same personal goals and foes but additionally a supporting character or two from 'Brothers By Numbers' might very well show up in the story, too.

It's all so exciting but it also has created a lot of work for me dreaming up all the new details for the new story and having them cohabitate together. So, it's going to take some time and I'm only ten percent into the first draft as I speak. So, Wish me luck and god-speed.

So again, cheers to all who think they are creative, to the right-brained people, and to the intuitive types - who incidentally are all potential poets of great substance.

S J Garrett / Febuary 2019